I combined medical biology with medicine at the University Medical Center Groningen, then enrolled with a Junior Scientific Master class which culminated in an MD–PhD research project (Prof. Ton Lisman and Prof. Robert Porte) on hemostatic changes in liver failure.  Parts of my medical studies were done on the Caribbean island of Curacao in the Dutch Antilles (Prof. Ashley Duits), at the University of Cambridge (Dr Trevor Baglin) and King’s College London (Dr Jenny Geh). I developed a strong connection with the United Kingdom and was very happy to be able to finalise my PhD studies in the laboratory of Prof. Robert Ariëns at Leeds University prior to starting work as a house officer in Elderly Care as well as Diabetes and Endocrinology at Barts Health NHS Trust, London.  

Next to my medical work, I co-developed In-Vino-VeritasTM Extra, a polyphenol–rich food supplement designed to tackle atherosclerosis. In-Vino-VeritasTM Extra was awarded “Best Food Supplement of the Year, Category Hearth Health”, at the 2017 Vitafoods Europe Nutraingredients awards, a global nutraceutical event.  Currently, I am an academic GP trainee at University College London and the Royal Free Hospital, funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).  My research interests focus on differences in non-communicable disease epidemiology between developed and developing countries and the development of novel food-based strategies to reduce or prevent atherosclerosis development.  

I hope to become an objectively good GP with an academic lectureship post and an independent research line, and to further develop In-Vino-VeritasTM Extra towards becoming a worldwide success. ACF GP training gives me the flexibility to pursue academic and commercial career goals and combine a family life in a much more efficient manner than a hospital speciality would have done. Furthermore, in London connections are easily made as any expert in any field is only a stone’s throw away, which for me as a Dutchman means at cycleable distance.