London’s population is highly mobile. Thousands of workers commute into the capital daily and there are high levels of migration and immigration flows.

  • In 2012 803,000 workers, or 19%, of London’s 4.5 million workforce commuted into the capital – largely from the East and South East
  • London is the first destination of choice for immigration into the UK – nearly one third of the 503,000 immigrants to the UK in 2012 arrived in London
  • London has the highest inflow and outflow of internal migrants for any region in England. 252,000 people moved to other areas of the UK in 2012, meaning there was a net outflow of 55,000
  • In 2012, there was a net inflow of 17,300 internal and international migrants; a total of 379,800 people moved to London, while 362,500 left the capital