Hackney, served by the Homerton University Hospital, has one of the most diverse and deprived populations in the UK.

HIV prevalence in the area is one of the highest in the UK. The majority of cases are heterosexual and female. Complexity comes from late presentation, compromised mental health, and the diversity of circulating pathogens, making care challenging but rewarding.

The questions that emerge from such a case mix give opportunities for research that informs not just local practice but national and international policy. The setting is ideal for many generic aspects of clinical education such as:

  • the impact of health inequalities on provision of complex high-tech care
  • the ways in which stigma and fear influence health seeking behaviour
  • how to work with multiple providers and peer support groups to deliver effective care appreciation of medical confidentiality
  • complex pharmacokinetics and drug interactions
  • tensions between the care for an individual and that of others, including partners, family members, children and the wider public health