LM-InpatientAdThe National Health Service (NHS) provides healthcare to the population of England.

It is a system based on clinical need, not the ability to pay. The NHS was established in 1948 and has become a valued and trusted national resource.

The NHS is large and complex. In 2013 the NHS employed 1,364,165 people making it one of the top ten biggest employers in the world, alongside the Indian Armed Forces and the Indian railways.

London makes a considerable contribution to the NHS:

  • 152,536 people were employed in the NHS Workforce in London (2013)
  • There were 18,456,749 outpatient appointments at London hospitals (2012)
  • There were 20,164 doctors and 44,414 nurses working in the NHS in London (2013)
  • London employed 11% of the NHS workforce (2013)

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