IndustryThe life science industry in London has a highly skilled workforce and is highly productive. The industry has grown rapidly over recent times and is playing an increasingly important role in the capital’s economy.

The life science industry is research intensive – in 2009 the sector accounted for the largest amount (35%) of R&D investment in the UK’s 1000 companies most active in R&D (1).

Across the UK the life science industry is characterised by close academic links: indeed over the period 2005-2009 universities were a source of a third of the UK’s life science start-ups (2).

With the concentration of higher education institutions (HEIs) carrying-out medical, dental and pharmaceutical research in London it’s not surprising that the life science industry in the capital is a growing success.

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(1) Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, R&D Scorecard 2010

(2) Glenn Crocker, UK Life Science Start-up report 2010