The London Medicine Group was established in 2009 to provide a forum for the Heads of medical, dental and associated clinical disciplines schools in London to discuss, with other senior health representatives, important healthcare policies and identify opportunities and issues of shared concerns as applied to the capital. The meetings have underlined the strength of medical education and research in the capital and the importance for this expertise to be shared across London, nationally and internationally.

The London context

Taking all sources of research funding together, London attracts almost half of all research grants for clinical medicine and dentistry awarded to English higher education institutions. The diversity of London’s population means that the challenges to maintain good health or treat ill health are germane not only to London but nationally and internationally; in this context it is unsurprising that London provides more specialised institutes for health care than any other city in the World.

The role of London Medicine

London Medicine is committed to promoting the scientific and clinical excellence in the capital and coordinating initiatives that draw upon the excellence of health professionals from all disciplines in London. The group aims to promote the sharing of outcomes of translational research and educational innovations with local NHS partners, and academic and professional health organisations outside London. Members of London Medicine recognise the significance to UK PLC from London being a global centre for medicine and the importance to the UK of strengthening London’s international position.

There is a unique health education environment in the capital and London Medicine has an important role to play to help ensure that world class education and research continues to be delivered.