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Bringing together London’s medical, dental and healthcare higher education

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  • 8.7 million people in London

  • 18% of UK total medicine, dentistry, nursing and AHP students

  • 18,465 medical and dental students

  • Three of the world's top 20 medical universities

  • An NHS workforce of over 150,000 people

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  • Clinical Placements October 2016

    London Medicine is hosting a roundtable discussion on undergraduate medical clinical placements in London in October 2016

  • Proposed expansion to medical training places October 2016

    Announcement from Government to increase the cap on medical training places.

  • Student Numbers September 2016

    London teaches more students in medicine, dentistry, nursing and subjects allied to medicine than anywhere else in the UK. This includes undergraduates, postgraduates and trainees.

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London's concentration of medical, dental and healthcare higher education

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